Featured Projects

Woodbourne Manor Section 1

Customer/Owner: Ausherman Development

Project Timing: September 2014 - September 2015

This initial phase of Ausherman Development's " Woodbourne Manor' subdivision, entailed some 2400' of sewer main, 42 sewer house connections, 5200' of potable water main, 42 water services, 5300' of raw water line and nearly 5000' of storm drain piping with associated inlets and manholes.  Additionally,  twin 60" X 48" Culverts with 30' concrete headwalls were installed to allow the creek which runs through the project to remain, undisturbed, while the new 'Puller Drive' passes over to serve the north side of the new community.



Fulk's Addition to Laytonsville

Customer: Kinsley Construction, York, PA

Owner: Natelli Communities, Gaithersburg, MD

Project Timing: September 2013 - November 2016

In July of 2013, Satterfield Enterprises was subcontracted by Kinsley Construction to install approximately 5000' of 6" thru 12" water main with 61 house connections and approximately 10,500' of reinforced concrete storm drain piping with associated structures for Natelli Communities 'Fulk's Addition to Laytonsville project'. This 3 phase project consists of on-site storm water management pipe and structures, storm drain, water main installation and testing as well as multiple off site water services connecting to an existing 16" water main in Warfield Road.